Glass Weighting Beads

Glass Weighting Beads
Glass Weighting Beads
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Product Description

These weighting beads are from Secrist Dolls.

A realisticly weighted reborn baby doll adds much to the feel of realism. Reborn dolls should be stuffed enough to keep their shape but not so much that they feel as hard as a dried out loaf of bread. You want the body shape to shift a little as you cuddle the baby.

These glass beads, shown in the picture, are used by professionals everywhere. They are round in shape and clear as a glass window. They will allow you to weight even tiny babies as it only takes a little bit to weigh a lot. On average glass beads weigh more than twice as much as plastic beads so you don't need as much. This can be very helpful when you are trying to weight tiny little arms and legs. 2 Pounds Per Bag